Protect Babies and Moms from Abortion Funding

Every child, before or after birth, is precious, with an inalienable right to life. Maternity is an inestimable gift, not a disease to be eliminated.

Abortion is not true health care. Attacking life or maternity is deeply wrong. Using public funds for abortion is bad public policy.

In Canada, New Brunswick’s policy is more pro-life than most provinces. New Brunswick does not fund private clinics which perform abortions on demand. This policy saves lives.

Canadian abortion rights activists, however, are pushing to change that. Some federal party leaders are in their corner. Much of the media is blind to the violence that abortion represents. False arguments are rampant about New Brunswick’s policy allegedly violating the Canada Health Act.

Pro-lifers should be concerned. The power of anti-life political correctness as just outlined unfortunately is great. New Brunswick’s policy urgently needs to be supported by the friends of life from every province and territory.  

New Brunswick’s position on private clinics is on solid ground both morally and legally. The Canada Health Act is silent on abortion. A province is free to restrict abortion funding. And they certainly should. 

It’s up to us: The lives of preborn children, and the true needs of moms, need to be vigorously defended.



Petition to New Brunswick’s Premier, Minister of Health and Minister of Finance  

The Hon. Blaine Higgs, Premier 
Cc: The Hon. Hugh J.A. Flemming, Minister of Health
Cc: The Hon. Ernie Steeves, Minister of Finance

Mr. Premier:

I urge you to maintain the current policy of not funding private abortion clinics.

Every child’s life is precious. Pregnancy is not a disease to be eliminated. The present policy respects life and maternity. It makes good sense.

Funding abortion on demand is the wrong way to go.

 Government programs pertaining to pregnancy should aim at helping both mother and child. I strongly encourage you to make New Brunswick a leader in this type of care! 

Who's signing

Jane Veurink
Ite Veurink
Jeanette Fleming
Della O’Malley
Judy Brown
Alan Schmitt
Francesca Zavaglia
Jane Pritchard
Mrs. S. Nastrom
Marci Deutscher
Stig and Rosalie Skodje
Ronald LeBlanc
Carmen Moorhouse
Susan Leger
Clifford & Nicole Pyle
Marilyn Schuck
Paul Hounjet
Marilyn Bennett
Wilma Snippe
Maryke Vos
Kevin Sullivan
Stig and Rosalie Skodje
Maureen Ward
Joseph Stalmach
Gordon and Lois Duncan
John Krim
Joan Lemieux
Janet Davidson
Debrah Clendening
Paula Smith
GOAL: 1,500 signatures


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    God richly bless you and your province
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    Alan Schmitt
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