YP Culture of Life Spotlight

“Why young adults need to know about fertility awareness

This lively interactive event for young adults is the heart and soul of the YP experience. 

Our society depends largely on ‘artificial’ means to regulate pregnancy and to address infertility. 

However, are there any natural methods that are rooted in medical research that are effective?

Young professional Heather Patel explains how fertility awareness can turn things around, for the culture, and for the individual.

Clinician Maria Bizecki and Dr. Mary Ellen Haggarty will provide an understanding around how NaPro Technology™ and the science can be applied to couples who want to delay a pregnancy or to treat infertility.

Young professional Miriam Porcellato will provide testimony on how fertility awareness has worked to treat her symptoms and preserve her fertility. 

Start time 7 pm Pacific. 75 min presentation + 30 min Q&A

October 19, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:45pm
Annabelle Chong ·
Tajsha Neuls Fr. Dean Dowle Shastine Hudson Desaree Brisson Steph Gooneratne Alene Petovello Gianna Centre Fischer Marian Neels Jennifer Snell Freda Lewko Abby Zaporteza Sr. Cecile LeBlanc Aiden Wickey Youngsung Byun George Glover Joy Sigua

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